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Minneapolis MN Windows Cleaning

We have been serving Minneapolis since we 1st opened our doors! We have years of experience in window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning perfecting our skills! Having dirty windows just doesn't look right. We can fix that! We are working in several areas in Minneapolis from North Minneapolis to South Minneapolis. You have  probably seen us in your neighborhood working at yourneighbors. The owner Chris is at most jobs. If he's  not, the crews we have are just as particular with detail as he is. We have all the equipment to handle the very most basic window cleaning, and the most complicated homes and buildings with the highest windows 40' off the ground. Minneapois has many very old windows with very old storm windows. We've cleaned all the styles of windows Minneapolis has. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.We are a high end, high quality, affordable window cleaning company.


Our services include:


Our other services are cleaning out dirty gutters which can lead to a wet basement. This is a pretty common problem that neglect will cause.  We hand pick the debris from your gutters placing it in bags, never leaving a mess in your yard.  We then flush out your gutters with water making sure they flow like brand new!

We pressure washing page too.  From pressure washing siding, to cleaning up driveways, sidewalks and decks, we are equiped with years of experience to help you out in Minneapolis.  Give us a call for your free estimate! 612-723-7155

To get a rough idea of the cost involved please check out our pricing page or contact us for a free estimate.


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