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Ice Dam Removal in the Twin Cities

Ice Dam Removal Minneapolis

Ice Dam Removal Services in the Twin Cities

Minnesota Ice Dam Removal Service You have found your solution if you have an ice dam problem here in the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. We provide emergency services for ice dam removal. If you have water leaking in your home or business, you have come to the right place. Ice dams form because melting snow and ice on a roof freeze when it reaches the cold roof edge. Ice forms a barrier and melted water accumulates behind this ice dam on your roof. When water ponds, or pools behind the ice dam, the water will leak into the building or residence, causing water damage, or even climb over the ice-filled gutter, forming icicles. Shingle roofs are not designed to be waterproof at all. They are designed to shed water. When water has accumulated, it almost always finds a way into the home through nail penetrations, and behind flashings.

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